Are appointments necessary at Symmetria?
Appointments are definitely encouraged, most especially if you have a preferred hairdresser. However, walk-ins are always welcome.
Is there a grace period given to clients who have made appointments if they were running late?
We do give a 15-minute grace period for all clients with appointments.
What brands does the salon carry for chemical procedures?
We only carry the most professional of hair color brands, keratin treatments, and thermo wave therapy solutions.
How long does a color procedure take?
Color procedures can take anywhere from an hour to about 3 hours from start to finish. It all depends on what kind of color procedure has been agreed upon by the hairdresser and client.
Do you offer rates for children?
We offer rates for children. Please contact the salon details.
Are there differences in rates for services with different hairdressers?
Our rates do vary depending on the hairdresser chosen by the client. All of the salon's hairdressers are very competent. However, rates depend on years of experience and level of expertise.
Should I wash my hair before visiting the salon for color?
If you wish to do color, it's best not to wash your hair before a tint procedure. The dirt and natural oils from your scalp will protect your scalp during the process. However, note that if it's your first time, we would need to perform a patch test to determine if you are allergic to the tint. We would need a window period of 24 hours to check for any allergic reactions.
What are highlights?
Highlights are thin sections of lighter colored hair, achieved by systematically placing hair in foils throughout the head and tinting them lighter than the general color of your hair. The opposite to that would be low lights. The hairdresser has full control whether to make sections thick or fine.
Is there parking at Symmetria?
There is ample parking for our clients.
Do you have bridal packages?
We offer bridal packages. Please contact the salon for details.
Can I have color done when I'm pregnant?
We discourage any chemical procedures for your hair for the duration of your pregnancy.
What is UV nail polish?
UV polish is a new technology in nail polishes that remains crack-free, chip-free and looking perfect for 3 weeks. It is applied like regular nail polish but is cured under a uv light, making it dry instantly.
Do you carry gift certificates?
We offer gift certificates to be given as gifts to your family and friends. Values may either be customized or single service-based.
Do we also work on men's hair?
We absolutely do! Our hairdressers are very competent in doing haircuts for both men and women.